Collection: Evan Sung Offering #1

Evan Sung Offering #1 Off-Menu Digital Collectible holders will own their very own Digital and Physical Prints by Evan including bespoke email instructions from Evan on sizing and printing for your home!

Evan Sung Offering #1 Perks:

- A FoH Off-Menu Digital Collectible 

- Signed Print (4x6) by Evan

- A digital copy of your Collectible (without the FoH Branding) 

- Printing instructions if you choose to print yourself

- As well as other potential Evan Sung & Front of House community benefits down the line!

*All prints are not for commercial resale*

About Evan

Evan Sung is a prominent food, lifestyle and travel photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

In addition to his long freelance tenure with The New York Times, Evan’s work has appeared in the pages of Vogue, GQ, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Gourmet, Art Culinaire,and many others.  Evan has photographed over 50 cookbooks for renowned Chefs and Authors worldwide, including The Noma Guide to Fermentation and books on the cuisines of Senegal and Iceland.



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